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This is where you can find answers to all your questions pertaining to SKY Israel and the entire virtual aviation industry. If you still have questions after reading it, feel free to send 'em over to

Any pilots who are in need of flight instruction should contact Shai Gill, our Vice President of Operations at

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What is a virtual airline?

What does it mean to "fly" the airline's aircraft?

What am I committing to when I join SKY Israel?

What do I do in order to get promoted?




Q. What IS a virtual airline?  

A. Probably THE most frequently-asked question when it comes to virtual aviation. A virtual airline is a simulated company. It's a corporate pretend game. A virtual airline usually has the same stuff as a real airline - aircraft, a flight schedule, a website. However, the real difference is probably that a real airline's website is aimed at selling the airline to its passengers and customers, whereas a virtual airline tries to obtain pilots and personnel. 

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Q. What does it mean to "fly" the airline's aircraft?

A. Another excellent question. A virtual airline utilizes flight simulation programs to generate flights and to fly them. Programs such as Flight Simulator 98/2000 (which we use) and Fly! are amongst the more popular ones. When you undertake to fly one of our flights, what you have to do first is download our aircraft. As soon as you have it downloaded and installed, you can then select it in the Flight Simulator and use it to fly from one point to the other (i.e. from Tel Aviv to Cairo), thus operating a flight.

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Q. What am I committing to when I join SKY Israel?

A. When you join SKY Israel, you have the option of joining in one of three different capacities: management, staff and crew. When you join the management, what you're committing to is helping run the airline at a corporate level. You may be assigned a seat on the board of directors and then you'll be an integral part of the decision-making body. When you join the staff, you become a very important part of running the airline on a day-to-day basis. This may include painting the aircraft, designing scenery, updating the website periodically, and other similar jobs. The most popular type of employment is to be a crew member, a pilot - and fly our planes. You'll be requested to fly at least on a semi-monthly basis, but no one will be kicked off the roster for a failure to comply. Basically, we don't really require much -- just for you to have fun!

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Q. What do I do in order to get promoted?

A. You fly. As much as you can. Promotions come as rewards for hours flown. The more hours you fly on a regular basis, the more frequent your promotions, and the more there'll be. 

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