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SKY Israel currently operates two Boeing 737-200s, which are on a one-and-a-half-year lease, courtesy of Arkia Israel Airlines. The aircraft are operated on charter flights, mostly between Tel Aviv and Europe.

Our 328JETs have been used on domestic routes inside Israel, but are being returned following the Fairchild Dornier-IAI scandal (see statement from President Mayer in News Archives).

They are being temporarily replaced by three DeHavilland Canada DHC-7 aircraft, also leased from Arkia, until we make a decision on which aircraft to replace the 328JETs with.


Boeing 737-200

Number in service: 2

4X-BAF - Leased from Arkia

4X-BAG - Leased from Arkia

Capacity: 130

Range: 3050nm (4900km)

Typical Cruise Speed: 575mph (925km/h)

FS98/FS2000 Download

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DeHavilland Canada DHC-7

Number in service: 3

4X-AHF - Leased from Arkia

4X-AHG - Leased from Arkia

4X-AHI - Leased from Arkia

Capacity: 50

Range: 1350km

Typical Cruise Speed: 420km/h

FS98/FS200 Download

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On Order

We are currently searching for a suitable aircraft model with which to replace our Fairchild Dornier 328JETs.

Negotiations are currently underway.

We hope to find a replacement shortly.



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