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Virtual aviation is peppered with specialized technical jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations. We've listed some of the more common ones here, as well as some used exclusively by SKY Israel and Formal Airlines.


CEO Chief Executive Officer
CFO Chief Financial Officer
COO Chief Operations Officer
ExBo Executive Board
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
hr(s) Hour(s)
IATA International Air Transport Association
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ID Identification
km Kilometer(s)
nm Nautical Miles
mi Miles
Min(s) Minute(s)
No Number
PID Pilot Identification
PiRep Pilot's Report
SATCO Simulated Air Traffic Control Organization
SKY Shamayim Kavei Avir LeYisrael (Sky Israel Airlines)
US United States
VASX Virtual Aviation Stock Exchange

*Mainly courtesy of Airways International magazine


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