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Rules and Regulations


Here at SKY Israel, we have a code of laws everyone abides by. Please make sure you read every section carefully. You are requested to follow every part.

The rules stated here apply to every employee, including members of staff and management.

Objections/suggestions regarding some or all parts of this document should be forwarded to the President's Offices

Alterations to the charter are possible.



SKY Israel Airlines

Rules and Regulations


August, 2000

Revised February, 2001


a. Fraudulent Behavior

1. It is absolutely forbidden by company & SATCO rules to lie, cheat or deceive when it comes to submitting information to airline and SATCO sources. As an example, you may NOT submit a false PiRep for a flight that was not flown. Such behavior can and will lead to the immediate termination of the incriminated pilot and a harsh report to SATCO authorities, something that may lead to a blacklisting. Steer clear. The only place where you may submit false information for the fun of it, is in the Prefix section before the Name field in the Join form - have fun with it. 

2. Jokes and wisecracks will be taken lightheartedly, but try not to go overboard.

3. You may use your PID for whatever you'd like. However, a PID can also be used as a means to track inappropriate behavior, so please keep that in mind.

4. Similarly, you may use SKY Israel aircraft freely for 'personal' flights, and it is preferred that you do, although it is not required. In some cases, with submission of accurate information, personal flights may be considered charters, and you will be awarded hours toward a promotion. However, you are being trusted by your word. If you are found to be telling less than the whole truth, appropriate steps will be taken.

b. Abstention from flights on days when FlightOps are obsolete

1. At certain points of the year, SKY Israel is temporarily shut down for a day or so at a time for religious reasons. Inasmuch, PiReps for flights taking place on those days will NOT be accepted.

2. Included in those days are Saturdays. All Saturdays. From three hours prior to sunset on Friday to two hours after sundown on Saturday, no scheduled flights will take place.

3. Also included in those days are holidays. The list of those holidays can be found at the bottom of the Schedule page. The same rules apply to those days as they do to Saturdays - no scheduled flights from three hours prior to sundown on the eve of the holiday until two hours after sundown the following evening. In some cases, the holiday may last two or more days (more if it immediately precedes or proceeds a Sabbath), in which case the same rules apply for the "extra" days.

4. However, on those days PiReps for charter flights (see below) will be accepted, providing the flights do not begin or end in the State of Israel (including the Golan Heights, the "West Bank" and the Gaza Strip).

5. In any case, we ask that you respect the airline's policy and try to keep flights on those days at a minimum.

c. Scheduled flights

1. A scheduled flight in a flight that appears on the airline's official Schedule page. The times are irrelevant - you may undertake a scheduled flight at any time during the day. However, you should change the cockpit time to the time of takeoff found on the schedule (or somewhat later in case of delay). Also, you may use whatever aircraft (of our fleet) you choose, although the stated aircraft is preferable.

2. Flight hours approximately amounting to the total duration of the flight will be awarded the pilot and will be put towards promotions.

3. There is no daily limit on the number of scheduled flights that one may undertake. 

d. Charter flights

1. A charter flight is an unscheduled flight independently undertaken by a pilot. In order to accumulate flight hours, the duration of such a flight must be no shorter than two hours. Also, it must be flown utilizing one of the aircraft types present in the airline's fleet.

2. Flight hours amounting to approximately half of the flight's duration will be awarded the pilot and will be put towards promotions.

3. A maximum of three charter flights may be undertaken by an individual over the course of one day (24hrs). Anything over that limit will not be accepted.

e. Denying an individual of fun/a good time

1. The object of a virtual airline is to offer its users and visitors a fun form of recreation. A virtual airline, any virtual airline, is a game. Anyone who denies another person their fair share of "fun" does not deserve a position among us and we will gladly uproot the phenomenon.

2. The management reserves the right to determine what constitutes the denying of fun, and will act accordingly. Appropriate situations might include cheating, lying, teasing, discrimination or not-telling-the-truth in a vindictive way that is intended to harm another person psychologically, physically or emotionally. Whether it is a person's reputation or his/her integrity that is injured, and whether or not that person happens to be a part of this airline, the inflictor of that "wound" will be forced to suffer the consequences, which are to be determined on an executive level, should the need arise.


2000-2001 - SKY Israel Airlines