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General Info



SKY Israel Airlines Ltd.



Full Name:        Shamayim Kavei Avir L'Yisrael

Founded:         September, 1999

IPO:                 March, 2000

Independence:  August, 2000


Management:    Avi Mayer, President and CEO

                        Michael Strongin, Webmaster

                        Shai Gill, Vice President and COO



Corporate History

SKY Israel Airlines was founded in September 1999 as a fully-owned subsidiary of then-newly-opened Formal Airlines.

Services began in January 2000 when two aircraft leased from Arkia started charter services from Sde Dov Airport in Tel Aviv to Eilat and Ovda on SKY Israel's behalf.

In March 2000 the airline issued its IPO of 5,000,000 shares on the Virtual Aviation Stock Exchange.

On August 20, 2000 the Executive Board of Formal Airlines voted unanimously to make SKY Israel independent, and to incorporate it as a new airline.





2000-2001 - SKY Israel Airlines