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Welcome Partners!


Codesharing Services - May 8 Update

Several codesharing destinations are currently being negotiated. These new routes will include flights to London in the UK, Brussels in Belgium and Almaty in Kazakhstan. We'll keep you posted!

If you are interested in becoming a SKY Israel partner airline, please contact our VA Cooperation Department at Thank you.


Here's a bit about our existing partnerships (soon to be integrated into the timetables):


Europe Airways VA

Based in Germany, EAVA serves a tremendous network within Europe and around the world.

SKY Israel Cooperation Destinations: Dusseldorf, Berlin, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Vienna and Zurich. (More to follow!)


Mjet Europe

Based in both Spain and the Netherlands, Mjet Europe serves the European continent as well as other surrounding destinations.

SKY Israel Cooperation Destinations: Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Malaga and Amsterdam.